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Welcome to [MeaT]!

Take a moment to read and follow these steps to ensure a "Swifty" introduction to [MeaT].


Add Your Toons To The Roster - Currently GW2 does not support automatic import of toons to the Roster but I am confident they will soon. By adding your Toons to the Roster you will be able to sign up for events/dungeons on the calendar as well as create your own events/dungeons (Note: All members have permission to add events to the calendar!)

    • Click the Guild Roster link under the Main Menu on the left side of the page
    • Follow the Add a Character to MeaT link at the bottom of the page
    • Add the information for your Toon using the dropdowns
    • Follow these steps for each Toon you want in MeaT - don't worry about keeping your level up-to-date, this is just so you can use the Calendar


 Get Your Invitation to [MeaT] In-Game - Check the Guild Roster for an Officer then send that officer an in-game mail or a shout while you are in game to get the actual invitation to the kin (the acceptance you received was for access to the Calendar and Member-only content on our website)

 Represent [MeaT] (Mandatory!) - To represent a guild, open the guild panel. On the left, under "Account Guilds," select [MeaT] and then click the "Represent" button at the bottom of the window. You must do this individually for each character in the guild.

Why is Representing Mandatory? Representing provides you access to guild chat, the guild bank, and any active guild upgrades. In addition, if you are Representing [MeaT], many of your activities (logging in, completing Events, etc.) generate Influence which the guild uses to upgrade services like larger bank spaces, banners that provide boons etc. You also get the [MeaT]™ acronym displayed under your toon name in-game. 

 Download and Configure Ventrilo - Optional but required for Dungeon runs. You don't have to have a mic but you do need to hear instructions from the Raid Leader  

    • Download Ventrilo - (it's free!)
    • Host or IP:
    • Port: 3836
    • Password: Ask any member


Explore the Guild Website - Of special note is the [MeaT]™ Locker - our guild wiki that will be filled with cripsy bacon bits of information about GW2 and MeaT including things like Profession Tips and How To's like How To Use the Calendar

Have Fun - Mandatory! - [MeaT] aspires to have the same excellent reputation as our sister guild Swifty & Hammo in Lord of the Rings Online: a reputation as a fun-loving and helpful group of people who enjoy the GW2 universe and are eager to answer questions or assist members AND non-members alike

Smell the Bacon!™ -  (Optional for our Vegan/Vegetarian friends, of course)