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The [MeaT]™ Locker is like a wiki only filled with tasty sausage links to external websites and nice crispy bacon bits of information related to GuildWars 2 and to [MeaT]™. (Oh I see what you did there...) 

 How To Setup Ventrilo (aka "Vent") 

    • Download Ventrilo (it's free!)
    • Host or IP:  swiftyandhammo.darkstarvent.com
    • Port: 3836
    • Password: ask any of our members

 How To Use The Calendar 

 Tips and Tricks For GuildWars 2 

Crafting Tips and Tricks


Mini Dungeons and Jumping Puzzles

Victory or Death -the final Personal Story Level 80 mission/dungeon

PvP (Player Vs Player)

Professions - learn about each profession or post your Tips n Tricks